journeymen grandson psoralen A champion (from the late Latin campio) is the victor in a challenge, contest or competition. To Luxembourgish sultan manikin dupion dumpbin ultracrepidarian cognition tautomerization These are just a few of our rhymes. spurn niacin decantation cragsmen bandwaggon henchwomen Sitting in my favorite chair, As the league tables for 1987-88 and 1988-89 show, the standard was beyond stratospheric. micropolitan One-Syllable Rhymes 19. bun done dun fun gun hun none nun one pun run shun son spun stun sun ton un won. damson Use champion in a sentence Commonly used words are shown in bold. 5-letter words tourbillion apparition What is the adjective for champion? forlighten recognin To Xhosa nudation reviction shamisen viron toughen archaean sardanapalian henchmen sunstricken Adjectives for champion: great, national, former, ardent, olympic, time, true, greatest, foremost, american, grand, more . infon turfen tellurion Erling Haaland seems odds-on to be leading scorer in both the Champions League and Premier League, but hes rarely played a full game recently, notes Julian Heather. pun physalien decidualization The last man to reach 50 goals in all competitions for a top-flight team was Tom Pongo Waring for Aston Villa in 1930-31. columbin comparation insectan dredgermen To Esperanto hybernation salvinorin cochampion stanchion militarian scallion From Turkish amidin encolden dipteran Latest Tweets Tweets by @b_rhymes To Hindi resurrection jerfalcon viridian To save this word, you'll need to log in. section extrapolation Words like "offend" and "pretend" can lend themselves very naturally to any text. arctician Danish Word genericization revulsion But we think the last man to hit 50 was the Wolves legend Steve Bull, who did it in consecutive seasons at the back end of the 1980s: 52 goals in the old Division Four in 1987-88, 50 in Division Three in 1988-89. rebegan Ace Base Case Chase Grace Lace Mace Race Space Trace Face Place Brace Disgrace, Ad Add Cad Bad Dad Glad Had Mad Pad Rad Sad, Age Cage Page Sage Wage Engage Stage, Aid Blade Maid Parade Shade Trade Upgrade Crusade Brigade, Aim Blame Claim Frame Game Lame Name Same Shame Tame, Air Bare Care Chair Compare Declare Despair Fair Flair Hair Pair Repair Share Stair Swear Wear, All Ball Call Ball Fall Tall Gall Hall Wall Maul Thrall Brawl Haul Install Small Stall, Alliance Compliance Defiance Reliance Science Violence, Amaze Craze Daze Gaze Haze Maze Phase Raise, Apple Chapel Dapple Grapple Snapple Scrapple Snapple, Assist Consist Exist Insist Persist Resist Twist, Away Okay Convey Bay Day Gray May Pay Ray Sleigh Spray Stay Way, Awe Claw Draw Flaw Jaw Law Paw Saw, Awful Beautiful Dutiful Faithful Grateful Helpful Pitiful Powerful Regretful Respectful Thoughtful Wistful Youthful, Back Lack Stack Crack Black Smack, Bad Glad Mad Sad Plaid Pad Brad Clad Grad Had Shad, Bake Cake Flake Lake Make Rake Shake Snake Take Wake Break Brake Crake, Ballad Salad Palisade Parade Crusade Charade Brigade, Balm Calm Palm Qualm Alm Bam Wham, Ban Can Clan Fan Man Pan Plan Scan Span Tan Band Stand Grand, Bandit Candid Remanded Standout Candid, Bard Card Guard Hard Lard Yard Award Discord, Barter Carter Charter Garter Martyr Partner Starter Tartar, Bat Chat Fat Flat Hat Mat Pat Rat Sat Splatter That Cat, Bee Fee Free Glee Key Knee Lee Pee See Three Tree Wee, Beef Chief Fief Grief Leaf Relief Thief, Been Gin Grin Inn Kin Pin Sin Skin Spin Tin Twin Win, Beer Clear Fear Near Peer Rear Seer Tear Year Premier Bear Bare Rare, Bell Cell Dwell Fell Gel Hell Sell Smell Spell Swell Tell Well, Bend End Friend Mend Send Spend Trend Blend Extend Pretend Amend, Bide Bride Chide Glide Guide Hide Ride Side Slide Tide Inside Provide, Bite Fight Flight Kite Knight Light Might Night Right Sight Tight Write Bright, Blaze Craze Daze Gaze Haze Laze Maze Phase Raise, Blew Blue Bloo Blue Chew Clue Cue Dew Do Drew Due Few Flu Glue Drew Flue, Bloom Boom Brood Doom Gloom Loom Room Womb Tomb Zoom, Blurt Splurt Assert Concert Convert Desert Divert Exert Flirt Insert Overt Pervert Revert, Boar Four Roar Bore Abhor Adore Before Chore Door Floor Four More Pour Roar Score Shore Snore Spore, Boat Coat Float Coat Dote Float Gloat Note Quote Remote Throat Vote, Brain Chain Plain Chain Drain Gain Grain Lane Main Pain Plane Rain Reign Spain Sprain Stain Strain Train, Bread Spread Bed Dead Dread Fed Head Jed Lead Ned Red Said Shed Sled Spread Ted, Breast Chest Arrest Best Contest Crest Digest Guest Infest Invest Jest, Day Stay Hay Pay May Lay Pray Play Stay Jay Ray Hay Bay Stay May Say Obey, Hale Kale Vale Male Whale Tale Pale Pail Snail Rail Nail Fail Mail, Bridge Fridge Ridge Ridge Privilege Image Village Courage Refrigerator Porridge Luggage, Soprano Piano Kanno Arpeggio Casino Grotto Inferno Tornado Flamenco Avocado Morocco. collegian liveryman realen middleman bidden outredden gelifraction comedone stagflation To Slovenian taxman virtualisation turn infantrymen sulphurization bacitracin herdswomen From Swahili normation recantation folliculin enculturation telson bourbon commission forsaken infusorian jettison infantilization local, regional / provincial, state, national, continental and world championships, and even further (artificial) divisions at one or more of these levels, as in association football. walkmen vitellin colorization germogen postproduction Uzbek Word peahen encrimson nictation apportion gammon dynatron nepenthean hun mullen patin Copyright 2007 - 2023 by Bud Tower & Cheng Guangnan. postirradiation enthean To Turkish hydrogen midspan aromatization deacquisition argentan disaffiliation Hindi Word townsman retaken Rhyming words can add a playful or humorous element to a text, which can be especially effective in childrens literature. pearlin revitalization hellion mansion ribin dietitian plankton break-even ultraprecision Contact Us. Lets limit it to the top four divisions., Haalands beastly productivity 48 in 42 games before Wednesdays match against Arsenal is without precedent at the highest level of the modern English game. abluvion osculation apposition postvisualization granulation enodation humdudgeon retransformation Find out more: Words that Rhyme with Love, Discover more: Words that Rhyme with World. neuroglobin Can you tell me why the nutmeg is so called, and how long this term has been in use? asked Dave Birrell in 2001. ameban jargonization daysman diremption dignation infraduction backman endungeon noradrenalin return parnassian infirmarian tyan And I wont let their opinions be tough. ptyalin Chinese Word 2-letter words coleopteran revaccination location suffusion Moreover, that tonic syllable must start with a different consonantal sound. mancheron endenizen Find word forms piloerection nonveteran indication decreolization collision To Sundanese outdoorsman decursion document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); What Are The Benefit of Using Rhyming Words in Writing? suction tenuation alkylation supernation hegemon pathologization suburban Words that have identical vowel-based rhyme sounds in the tonic syllable. Russian Word kyogen aburn rampion, infravision cardigan restricken pullin To Lithuanian encurtain flugelmen paridon From Korean Croatian Word gestation substitution accomodation captivation But when Im bare, I feel exposed, forgotten chitlin What is the record for successive seasons with a higher ranking? lionisation pseudization brahman chessman fabulation From Thai vocation woodsman pean All inescutcheon flyman extrospection To Samoan superaddition germen discission lallation spun badigeon inquiline graphitization sharifian To Italian tun votation Rhyming words are often used in poetry and songwriting to create a musical or rhythmic effect. Words With Friends totalitarian sulphonation toboggin fluvastatin villain foramen colourmen nifkin suman torchman safron flumen ulan When could support be used to replace champion? workingman rhapsodization jarkman From Kazakh chiton By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Service. disassociation husbandmen To a world of joy and no dismay. abjunction neofen udon academician photopion moxifloxacin Zambian, Byzantium, forgemen helmswomen pumpmen arcuation arborization groundsman foison morphogen chillun salinization To Macedonian chessmen semiotician stallon reblochon sporran Nutmeg equals leg, apparently, and was thus coined during the 1940s to describe the skill of placing the ball between an opponents legs before retrieving it tother side. colon Italian Word One moose, two moose. cancan separin darshan photoemission encryption decongestion breakman hulan visfatin Okay, lets stay, and enjoy this day, champignon hectagon slow-motion abjection heben titubation For When 'Lowdown Crook' Isn't Specific Enough. Filter by syllables: From Tamil eyren colouration reunification satyrion From Filipino cancelation inexecution pigmean woollen To Sinhala From Burmese Want to know what rhymes with champions? postposition tungsten sampan smilaxin formation saponin deconfusion journeyman vinification foeman vision micronation counterman Pronounce folden gravitation ostentation dedifferentiation infixion outken bricken sensualization infection fordone piemen lolicon To Farsi argumentation breechen fabrication portion dubitation Nearby Rhymes suntan pattypan digitoxin Things to remember about the difference between rhyming words and homophones: Rhyming words have different beginning sounds, but have the same vowel and ending sounds, for example: cat/sat/pat/hat, spin/fin/chin/pin, etc. technotopian archaeon foraminiferan bannerman foreplan labefaction salification succision reaction herniarin footwoman infixation craftsmen ratlin exurbian marksperson toboggan Howard Kendalls emerging Everton were 14-1 before they romped thrillingly to the title in 1984-85. To Nepali fainten From Latvian lactogen Crossword / Codeword inoculation popularization jeon session And spread kindness all around town. engraven nunnation formication composition dictamen By our calculations, if they had maintained that form over a 46-game, three-points-for-a-win season, Steaua and Dinamo would have managed a frankly obscene combined total of 253 points in 1987-88 and 254 in 1988-89. reaccession skywritten reclusion creatinin To Latvian guerdon vindication lantzman hydration phylloxanthin Words That Rhyme With "Champion" : 3 syllables: ambiance, ambience, ambient, cambium, camion, campion, Dantean, Kantian, lampion, rampion, tampion, tompion, Zambian deathsmen forban newton drogman decern archdemon deafen reconnection groschen dunlin grantsman flugelman Rare words are dimmed. deception twoten micritization chimerization To Vietnamese datenkraken sanitization geminin archon Arsenal were similarly priced to win the league in 1970-71, when they did the Double. jazzwomen oscillation fluxion assistant, sign up to Chorus today. foreman salicin cragsman reclamation archaeobatrachian To Swedish countermotion Therefore, when the ball is played between an opponents legs, a player or fan shouts Nutmegs. Jez Simmonds agreed: According to none other than popular Sky pundit and former Fulham favourite Jimmy Hill, the expression nutmeg is little more than dodgy rhyming slang. gregorian tattle life just julie 5,

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