The trail offers cyclists and walkers a challenging 55km ride (Grade 2-3) through unique and fascinating landscapes so characteristic of Central Otago as it. The first power was generated in 1992. You can also download the awesome Great Rides App to see where you are on the trail. There is a total of 580m climbing between Cromwell and Clyde, with most of the ascents gentle but steady. Seek to be open and honest in all our interactions. The trail offers cyclists and walkers a challenging 55km ride (Grade 2-3) through unique and fascinating landscapes so characteristic of Central Otago as itjourneys along Lake Dunstan, the Kawarau River and the mighty Clutha River Mata-au. Discover how you can get involved with the New Zealand Heritage List/Rrangi Krero. Key features of the trail are the man-made landscapes, rich Maori and early pioneer history, abundant vineyards and cellar doors in Bannockburn and the Historical Precinct in Cromwell. It was time to climb again and climb we did. These tunnels are also used to mitigate against landslips into the Clutha River. There was little fuel to warm them, no food to sustain them. Turn left off the Old Dunstan Trail and proceed on farm track for 2 kms. Losing a few hundred metres in a hurry, things flattened out through a sheep station. A dominant feature at the Clyde end of the trail isNew Zealands third largest hydro-dam, the Clyde Dam. For when work is necessary due to a state of emergency. Vilnius-oblast (Litva) Frolov 1820-1835 1820-1835 1:38 000. Weaving our way through countless scattered, jagged rocks kept the interest level up as plenty of holiday traffic passed us on the road. It is possible to return to Cromwell on a trail alongside Bannockburn Road - making for a wonderful short and family friendly day ride. Vilnius Altstadt 1775-1799 1923. This section includes the first of the bluff bridges, and you will cycle at the base of the stonework faces of the Cairnmuir slide, a unique feature high on the slopes above the lake. After crossing the Bannockburn bridge loop around to Bannockburn Inlet where there is a toilet, and parking available. You can then rent a vehicle, catch a bus, or book a tour and be guided through the area. It is a great fun drive in dry weather conditions but can get a bit hairy during rain. It was into that pitiless landscape that 220 horses, a Clydesdale team, acoach and assorted wagons rode in November 1991 in the first Dunstan Cavalcade, a four-day trek over the 160km trail used by diggers to get to the goldfields. Once the private chapel for St Joseph's Convent, the Mercy Room continues as a place of devotion for the Catholic community. . We cycled in Central Otago but never did this trail. There is a choice of companies to hire from and between them they cover all possible options including childrens bikes and e-bikes. Following the Kawarau arm of Lake Dunstan to Bannockburn, you will have amazing vistas across the lake to Bannockburn vineyards and the next section of trail. New Zealand. A dramatic entry was planned at Cromwell, with hundreds of onlookers turning out for the opening of the resited and restored buildings in Old Cromwell, the historical precinct built by residents when the towns main road fell to the Clyde Dam development. In wet conditions, parts of the trail are unrideable because of sticky mud. Underneath the water is the original track which is heavily used by 4X4 cars, and the cars left big drive lines behind which are not visible from the bike so the risk is very high to slope and slide to the side in the middle of one of the mud pools and drawn down the bike. The Otago Central Rail Trail is New Zealand's Original Great Ride, its open all year round, it is all off-road, no traffic, just Central Otago's big skies and distinctive landscape to enjoy. The map will show you where the best spots to stop, and help you get the most out of your ride. It can be done on a rainy day too but the road will change into a single mud track. This Great Ride's official start point is at Cromwell Heritage Precinct (as indicated by the 0km marker), giving a ride distance of 41km, with local shuttles transferring riders and bikes to the start or finish. Rich in history both Maori and early pioneers. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. But plans on trips like these are fluid at best and I was happy to scale this one back as I had company! The map can be downloaded here. There's numerous explanation boards detailing the history of settlement, and the construction of the Dam. Alternatively, a fun way to start is to catch the train to Middlemarch or Pukerangi (see Otago Rail Trail). On average it takes 2 hours55 minutes to complete this trail. Nationwide Intercity buses service Cromwell and Clyde. fascinating pioneer & gold mining history, the 86m-long, 29m-high Hugo suspension bridge, Clyde Dam New Zealand's largest concrete hydro-dam, two charming heritage towns Cromwell and Clyde, floating cafe and burger bar on the trail. E-bikers should ensure that batteries have sufficient capacity and charge for the days riding and, if staying in local accommodation, check that they can be recharged there. We hid behind the trees for a bit of refueling (a lot more soft brie) before making our assault on the steepest section of the Old Dunstan Road. Some careless child of the giants left their Tonka toy just sitting there. Bike hire, shuttles and tours are also available here. Some great climbing and wide open views, with very interesting geology and flora to boot. Other highways, such as the Southern Scenic Route, offer further exploration of the deep south. We also slept in the same playground as that time. Cross the bridge to reach Clyde. The Upper Tairei River is just around the corner, behind that sign. Much of the route is only suitable for four-wheel drive vehicles. The Dunstan Trail, also known as the Old Dunstan Road, is a historic route in Otago, New Zealand.The road was created during the Central Otago Gold Rush of the 1860s.. At the time of the road's creation, it was the shortest route from the city of Dunedin to the goldfields around Clyde, or Dunstan as it was then known.Known at the time as "The Mountain Track", it was a dangerous route which . This is section contains the highest point of the trail, rewarded with magnificent views which also means exposure to the weather. When two californian prospectors startled the Dunedin treasury office by bringing in 87 pounds of gold in 1863 the name Dunstan was little more than a scratching on a surveyors map. A little planning will go a long way to ensuring you have an enjoyable and comfortable trip. Grade 3+ Time 2-4 days Distance 170 km Track conditions 35% sealed road, 45% gravel road, 20% 4WD track This was made keeping in mind that the weather was due to pack it in that night, but there were contingencies. Do you have more information about a place on the List? imtmeio pabaigoje. The trail was just discernible; the hill was easily recognisable as the sun beat down on us and the gradient stuck to around fifteen percent. In driving rain we crested one bald brown ridge after another, thinking that each might mark the beginning of the descent, but knowing we had several hours of rocks and pillars in front of us. Started construction 1977. XVIII. (Bigger groups are advised to ring Coffee Afloat before they set off, as this helps with their logistics.) Even so, the route to the Dunstan was no cakewalk. But further thought could wait until the day developed a bit; for now, there was a big downhill to enjoy! This section includes the first of the bluff bridges, and you will cycle at the base of the stonework faces of the Cairnmuir slide, a unique feature high on the slopes above the lake. Please login to proceed or create a free account. These tunnels are also used to mitigate against landslips into the Clutha River. Parts of the trail are in remote terrain with some challenging grade 3 sections. This section requires the most attention and skills as there are narrow sections and more gradient. Approximately 16km.The entire Lake Dunstan Trail i. It is suited to riders of average fitness; although some riders may wish to push up some of the steeper climbs. Thank you. For now to see a full see the link below. Cross over farm land for a period of time only down and up one gully, Morning tea in gully, sheltered from a breeze. As I loaded my little borrowed mare into the horsefloat I took a last look back towards the mountains and wondered when another opportunity to experience history so vividlywould present itself. A map showing the planned 500km continuous trail network from Queenstown to Dunedin, estimated in 2018 to cost . The area is earmarked for large-scale windfarm development. It was mid-winter, 1862, when Hartley and Reilly found gold in the Cromwell Gorge, a few kilometres downriver from Cromwell. The development of the Clyde Dam project resulted in considerable upheaval for Cromwell residents and the commercial heart of the town. The historic town of Clyde marks the southern end of the Lake Dunstan Trail and the western end of the Otago Central Rail Trail. The trail loops around the Bannockburn Inlet which is a popular picnic area with a designated swimming area. For a less experienced rider consider Clyde to Cromwell. For a time we rode through a small gorge, the red tussock grasses were abundant. Hartley and Reilly had lost their gold pan, and used bare hands and a broken shovel. Cashmere Sanatorium Open Air Shelter, Christchurch. We would shortly climb to Poolburn Reservoir, or Rohan Village as some may know it. A satisfying ride can be had from the Clyde. Winter cold drove some to suicide.. We made it! Getting to Central Otago is easy with flights into Queenstown and Dunedin. The third,and most direct, route was known as the Mountain Track. There were few smiles on the faces of the 1991 cavalcaders as we cocked our akubra hats to the southerly blast and picked our way up the Rock and Pillar on our first day on the trail. The Cromwell Basin and Bannockburn area are some of the southernmost grape growing regions in the world. In fact, there were three ways prospectors could get to the Dunstan. Two galloping horsemen roused the crowd and attempted to rob the Cobb and Co coach as it entered the town, but in true western style the bandits escape was blocked by cavalcade trail boss Bill McMillan, who forced the miscreants to hand back their stolen loot. The Palmerston North Plunket Rooms (Former) opened their doors to care for parents and their infants in 1929. Ask your librarian to subscribe to this service next year. A small hole in one of the liquor barrels being transported to a hotel or grog shop, a long thirst-quenching pull on the straw, a peg and some wet soil to hide the evidence . As it continues toward Cornish Point it passes by vineyards and olive groves - with views back across to Cromwell and the Heritage Precinct. It then varies between gravel, clay and bare rock. Te Kinga Aroha (Former) has special significance as a very rare surviving twentieth century hostel which was dedicated to accommodating and supporting young Mori women. The jail here has a fireplace that may be useful if its raining or snowing. The Cairnmuir slide is an unique feature on the slopes above the Clutha River. TimeZoneOne Back on road again, a brief section of relative pace. As news of Horatio Hartley and Christopher Reillys magnificent haul spread, the name sparked an exodus of the able-bodied for the new El Dorado. However, it is recommended that you make all bookings for hire, transport and tours in advance, particularly during peak season (DecemberApril). The ultimate Lake Dunstan Trail experience is the full, one-way journey from Cromwell to Clyde (41km) using local shuttles to transfer bikes and riders. To understand what to expect, to help you choose the right section of trail for your ability, and how to prepare for your ride, click here. It is possible to return to Cromwell on a trail alongside Bannockburn Road - making for a wonderful short and family friendly day ride. That night, in our own version of the 1860s grog tent, hot food and cold ale loosened joints, and John Grenells songs of the high country and the road set the right rustic mood. Old Dunstan Road is the name of a 4x4 track/Adventure riding track located in Otago South Island of New Zealand. Those who followed were scarcely better prepared; some perished in the harsh landscape, many returned to Dunedin emptyhanded and disillusioned, a few became wealthy overnight. There may have been some hike-a-bike good training for the madness that is Godzone. Finally we were up on the plateau, but it still provided enough stream crossings, a strengthening wind and many ups and downs to keep our pace down. During a northwesterly wind, its easier to do this trip in reverse, from Alexandra to Dunedin. But, its on our list now. Reconciling the maps with the view above left us with the pill to swallow that we were going up that hill. Its a hard 71-km day from Paerau to Alexandra with a lot of uphill and heaps of downhill. Dunstan Trail Dunedin to Alexandra This trip is a collection of quiet gravel roads, 4WD tracks and old wagon trails pioneered as a bike route by gnarly cycle tourers in the 1970s. In time, the route became known as the Dunstan Road. Beyond the settlement of Pisa Moorings the trail crosses the 45th Parallel on its way to Lowburn where there are toilets and a car park. The Lake Dunstan Trail links the townships of Clyde and Cromwell. Its numerous Baroque churches jostle for space amid glitzy restaurants and dilapidated old buildings that line its cobbled streets, while the student . Share YOUR roads!We'vemorethan 13.000 roads but we want more! Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps. When the Clyde Dam was completed in 1990 the main street of Cromwell disappeared. There are a few fords to cross, thus better use a 4WD. Horses are not permitted on the Lake Dunstan Trail. Hands and faces froze, and as rain turned to horizontal hail, bodies and steedsmoved closer together in the futile hope of finding shelter. By which I mean about ten or twenty cars basically rush hour. First stop was just south of Moa Creek to check the map and to take a photo of some sheep and off down Webster Lane we go until we see the pub. It's not just traditional accommodation, all these historic banks, halls and stables have been repurposed, redesigned, and refurbished to suit the needs of today yep, they even have wifi. Riders are richly rewarded with fine food and wine too, not only at Cromwell, Bannockburn and Clyde, but also at Cairnmuir Gully where theres a floating cafe on the lakeshore a unique and unforgettable place to take a refreshment break. Skippers Canyon 4WD Tour from Queenstown 41 Recommended Half-day Tours from $184.62 per adult Wild Hills Off Road Safari 80 Recommended Half-day Tours from $259.00 per adult Mt Cook Tour & Heli Hike Combo from Queenstown 13 Recommended Bus Tours from $925.00 per adult LIKELY TO SELL OUT* The trail offers cyclists and walkers an a ride (Grade 2-3) through unique and fascinating landscapes so characteristic of Central Otago as it journeys along Lake Dunstan, the Kawarau River and the mighty Clutha River Mata-au. With the help of the trees we hid behind, I was dry albeit very warm. These tunnels are also used to mitigate against landslips into the Clutha River. Although the trail is well signposted, carrying the official map will enhance the experience by pinpointing landmarks and assist with timings for boat and shuttle pick-ups. This would be the last time that such a trek could use the historic Fruitgrowers Road on the west side of the Clutha River, opposite the new highway. Lake Dunstan Trail is a 35 km popular green machine groomed family friendly scenic trail located near Cromwell. Subscribe to our free newsletter for news and prizes. Vilnius. Find out what to expect in this short video. Check back soon to see our map of the Lakes Dunstan Trail. The rock formations are awesome. Later horticulture and pastoral farming became features of the landscape. With only one turn to go and armed with Adeles dinner order, I waited no longer and got to the pub and placed our orders as the gloom settled. This mountain bike primary trail can be used both directions and has a moderate overall physical rating with a 2,202 m blue climb. Historic place (Category 1): places of special or outstanding historical or cultural significance, Historic place (Category 2): places of historic or cultural significance, Historic area: an area with multiple, related historic places, Whi tpuna: places of ancestral significance for Mori, Whi tapu: places sacred to Mori in the traditional, spiritual, ritual or mythological sense, Whi tapu area: places that contain one or more whi tapu, February 2023 | Category 1 historic place. Along the way there are sections where the land has been reshaped in the search for gold and then again when the lake was formed. Central Otago is a fantastic year-round cycling destination, with the colour palette changing dramatically through the seasons. Along the way you will marvel at the man-made landscapes, rich Maori and early pioneer history, and vineyards as you travel along the Lake Dunstan Trail. Grade 3+ Time 24 days Distance 170 km, Track conditions 35% sealed road, 45% gravel road, 20% 4WD track. The nor-wester, while warm did at least help us up the hill. What happens after I submit a consent application for a property included on the List? There may have been more walking as we climbed at ten percent for an hour or so before it leveled off. Long stretches without food and water mean that riders should be self-sufficient and carry more than enough for the journey,noting that in the summer months the heat makes ample water supplies essential. After 3 km, this track meets up with the Old Dunstan Road. The original road now traverses private farmland towards an area called Blackball. Riders should be capable of riding the full distance, and be confident biking off-road on grade 3 (intermediate) trails. You are still completely responsible for your decisions, your actions, and your safety. The drive has steep parts and tops out by Rough Ridge, at 1.040m (3,412ft) above the sea level. 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