Year after year, ProMag has increasingly become one of the leading manufacturers of firearms magazines in the world. MakerShot speed loaders are 100% designed and made in the USA, and carry a . It features a black polymer(glass-filled nylon) frame and blued alloy steel slide and barrel. Edward Koehler Very satisfied. I bought 4 kits for my two LC9s-es intending to use them as the carry mag and spare for each. Used as my CCW. Your packing slip has no phone number or I would call rather than be stuck writing an email. Great product. Easy to install and works well. (verified owner) February 13, 2021, Even better that a mistake was made by sending the wrong item and was corrected immediately with the correct item sent and with a postage page return sticker, James Miracle . Easy to navigate web site. Some gun owners also compare the EC9s to the LC9s. We didnt have to squeeze the EC9s hard to ensure that it cycled properly, setting it apart from many smaller handguns. Bryan B. (verified owner) February 20, 2022, Jason M. Luis q. Free shipping. If you have 9mm ammunition that you prefer to use for other firearms in your possession, it should do well with the EC9s. Ill keep mine and get them to work properly but cannot recommend this product to others. Great product. The black oxide finish also offers waterproofing for the weapon, giving it more protection. You may also think about adding a nylon grip frame to personalize your EC9s. When will you have one for my CM9 Kahr????? 1704 Park Central Blvd N, Pompano Beach, FL 33064. 5 YEAR INDUSTRY LEADING WARRANTY only Laser & 1 Year on Holster! Tactical & MIL/LE. Ruger P94 Semi-auto. I love the fact that Ive just added an additional round without sacrificing concealment, Robert T. The Azula Two slot pancake holster is designed to be worn with a belt up to 1.5" in width. It . Why have that lip on it that the rounds get jammed on!? No problems here! We found it easy to attach laser sights, which many gun owners want, especially if they plan to use the EC9s for home defense. Ruger LC9/EC9S/LC9S Magazine 9mm Luger 9 Rounds Gr ProMag Magazine For Ruger LC9 9mm Luger 7 Rounds Steel Blued RUG16. It has a sleek appeal, though its rougher than the finish on the LC9. Ruger LC9/LC9s/EC9s 9mm Pistol Extended 9 Round OEM Magazine/Mag/Clip 90404 2A. We found drawing the gun from concealment easy and did not notice issues getting caught on the trigger assembly or slide. You have to really slam the slide when cocking to allow the first round to feed. The trigger safety on the EC9s includes a heavy trigger pull. The slide is 0.9 inch thick and so is the grip. Still need to do more live fire testing with this before I can recommend it much less use it in a magazine that I may call upon to save my life in a self defense situation. (verified owner) April 23, 2021. Ruger also produced the LC380 based on the LC9 design. Having that extra round in each mag makes a huge difference. This can work to your benefit as mags marked for the discontinued LC9s might be found at a bargain price. (verified owner) February 1, 2021. Paul H. Sale I will order another. This ProMag Ruger LC9 and EC9s magazine is the perfect aftermarket magazine for your handgun. (verified owner) October 15, 2018, Donald P. (verified owner) August 20, 2018. Ruger developed the EC9s as a lower-cost version of their LC9 (Lightweight Compact 9mm) handgun. Once installed, they are no more difficult to load than the standard magazine, and inserting a loaded magazine does not require extra effort (as with the LCP conversion). ProMag magazines are expertly machined for exceptional quality and guaranteed to feed and function for every shot. No it is not. I contacted Ruger and they pretty much told me tough luck,,, refused to sell me followers,,,,, told me to buy new magazines. $21.99, Special Price LC9 Outer recoil spring Item #: 61626. I took a chance on the one for the LC9, it has more parts then before, well thought out. I will be trying them out soon. It did start to get difficult on the 8th round which had me questioning as I peered at the 7 round window though. Then putl the spring out of the left side. (verified owner) March 29, 2018. just installed easily. We use cookies to improve your website experience. (verified owner) January 29, 2019. Quick service and shipping and best prices. Feedback from questions was prompt. $23.99. (verified owner) June 21, 2022. Could not be happier with the internals for the 7 round lc9s magazine. The mags both load just as easily as they did before and cycle flawlessly, including the extra round! Constructed of black oxide-finished alloy steel with an impact-resistant polymer floor plate, this magazine offers superior . This is how your pistol was meant to be loaded. We found the black oxide finish professional in appearance. James R McCain Literally took about 5 minutes to change, couldnt be easier to get an extra round!! Be sure your magazine is totally clean and degreased before installation. Plus, an extended polymer floorplate increases the grip area of your Ruger pocket pistol for improved ergonomics and faster follow-up shots. Very satisfied! The pistol has a barrel length of 3.12 and an overall length of 6. does not fit the 8th and 9th round very well, and i have had some falure to feeds. We recommend that you carefully maintain any gun in your possession, including the EC9s. I can say that the order was easy and the shipping was extremely fast. Justin H. (verified owner) April 18, 2019. Fits great, Argenis I bought three sets for my Ruger LC9s Pro. The pull is smooth, but not heavy. (verified owner) November 4, 2018. The Ruger 9mm proved reliable with all ammunition tested. ProMag magazines include a lifetime guarantee, if you ever have a problem with their magazines, simply return them to ProMag for replacement. Jonathan G. Very quick shipping and easy to install. Extractor is designed for reliable extraction of cartridges and fired cases from chamber. Ruger LC9/LC9s/LC9s PRO/EC9s Factory Magazine Specifications - Compatible With: Ruger LC9, LC9s, LC9s PRO, EC9s - Caliber: 9mm - Capacity: 9 Rounds - Body Finish: Blue (Looks Black) - Base Plate Material: Polymer (Grip Extension) . Assembly straightforward and directions very clear, though slight learning curve on how exactly you have to hold spring in place while sliding plate on. (verified owner) January 9, 2022, Eric H. (verified owner) July 15, 2020, Anonymous I like the manual safely for pocket carry. Anonymous One works, one doesnt. Id buy again, Lee Hayes (verified owner) March 22, 2018. The only other issue was that there is not yet a video guide, and the printed instructions, while clear, are not as detailed as they could be. Cesk, The Essential Ruger EC9s 9mm Pistol Review, Copyright 2023 CAA USA. (verified owner) June 16, 2020. Ruger didnt put a focus on aesthetics for the EC9s finish. We know that many first-time gun owners sometimes get enthusiastic about maintenance. You can make this system work with the EC9s if you look into options mounted on the trigger housing. Alfred Scuderi ), M.david G. It functions exactly as advertised. I prefer JHP for critical defense, so will have to use original 7 round mag for JHP or extended mag with only 6 rounds and carry 2 mags. Tom S. (verified owner) November 9, 2020, Chris McKown GREAT JOB !!! The direct-mounted sights allow Ruger to keep the price lower for the EC9s, and we still found them to be high-performance. I really want to see a mag guts kit for my lcp2 factory extended mags. Works and added the extra round as described. One video showed the spring out. (verified owner) February 14, 2018. (verified owner) April 27, 2021, Kenneth K. This ProMag Ruger LC9 and EC9s magazine is the perfect aftermarket magazine for your handgun. Someday you might need the extra round on your EDC gun. A little oil goes a long way with the EC9s. These magazines let you shoot more 5-shot groups without running into an empty chamber. Recd email updates on shipping status and when item would be recd, great information on shipment. The gun has a height of 4.50, giving it a reasonably low profile. Push the spring to the left. However, Ruger designed the EC9s to take a 7-round magazine with one bullet in the chamber. The mag guts I bought were for a Ruger EC9s and install was easy! It has a 3.12 barrel and weighs about 17 ounces unloaded. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Free shipping for many products! The LC9 featured hammer-fired action but was not well liked because of a challenging trigger pull. . This is a 9 round factory magazine for Ruger EC9s, LC9s, and LC9 pistols. You can expect guns with these finishes to cost more than the standard model. Ruger 10/22 Magazine .22LR $31.99. The Ruger EC9s is a lower-cost version of the LC9s with fewer and wider cocking serrations, an aluminum insert, black oxide finish on the slide and barrel, a checkered grip, and fixed rear sights that are built into the construction. The magazine kit was simple to install but a little expensive for 1 additional round. Generally, the price goes up if you want a different finish. Cant wait for you to have the guts for 1911s, Berettas and H&Ks. These springs are very well made. Trick out or upgrade your firearm with the largest gun parts selection at I ordered two kits one for my EDC and one for my spare mag. I will be buying more magazines and Magguts upgrade kits in the near future for my Ruger ec9s . (verified owner) April 15, 2021, Great job.. great communication.. 5 stars, jeremy b. Thanks. Installation was easy. However, this ejected cleanly and locked in solidly each time I loaded or dropped the mag. Daniel (verified owner) November 25, 2022. Not only does the extension add one round making the pistol and 8+1 now, it also . And its single-stack magazine makes the gun very narrow for carrying the pistol concealed. Installed and functioned just as advertised! Works well in my LCP and will try it in my LC9s soon. (verified owner) October 23, 2018. installed the MG according to instructions, the last (8th) round sometimes wont load into the mag. Easy to assemble. The LC9 guns came with a seven-round magazine, though aftermarket 10-rounders became available. In addition, it only weighs 17.2 oz, making it one of the lighter models on the market. Armor Plates Bags & Backpacks Bulletproof Vests Dump Pouches First Aid David Meyers Excellent product, I have them in my LCP 380 and now in my EC9s. 4 stars because of the price. Magazines Ruger Magazine Ruger LC9, LC9s, EC9s 9mm Luger 7-Round Steel Blue with Finger Rest Product #: 230134 Manufacturer #: 90363 UPC #: 736676903634 List Price: $42.95 Our Price: $29.99 Ships today from MidwayUSA When will it arrive? Myself, I usually carry the LC9S with Rugers great flush-fitting 7 round and simply carry an extra one for 14 rds. and the Cheaper Than Dirt symbol are registered trademarks of Direct Investments LTD. America's Ultimate Shooting Sports Discounter. However, some people prefer tighter serrations. Work slowly and carefully on your first mag. (verified owner) April 1, 2021. I bought mine the last yr they made the lc9 it fits and works great the only issue is I paid $44 at the time I bought it. Carlos W. The Ruger EC9, LC9 9mm 9-Round Magazine is a genuine Ruger factory magazine, engineered to deliver a reliable, wobble-free fit and flawless field performance you can truly depend on when it matters most. All work as advertised. Popular Categories. Includes both flush and pinky extension base plates. Please send the correct item with a return shipping label so I can return the incorrect product. Install was easy and works great. Awesome upgrade to my EC9s mag. problematic. Sign up for new product release notifications,updates, etc It is a bit expensive IMO but I still bought it, and in this case you get what you pay for , Anonymous (verified owner) April 27, 2018. Went from 7+1 to 8+1. (verified owner) March 21, 2018, AMAZING how these springs let you get one more round in the Ruger LC9s magazines. Ruger LC9 / LC9S / EC9 9mm Magazine Speedloader. Easy installation and adds one round to magazine capacity. Will be considering other models too as I own LCPs, and I work as a defensive instructor. Joseph R. Toll-Free: . Informational video only showing in detail how I removed the Ruger LC9 magazine safety. $9.99, Sale The EC9s is a compact pistol. (verified owner) November 1, 2018. Florida Concealed Carry Laws, Licenses, & Resources, (GEN 2) BUY ONE MCK, SELECT COLORS & CAMOS, MCK 2.0 | Micro Conversion Kit Gen 2 (All Models), MCK 3.0 | GEN 3 MCK | MICRO CONVERSION KIT | GLOCK 17 / 19 / 19x / 20 / 21 / 22 / 23 / 25 / 31 / 32 / 45 / 47, (GEN 1) BUY ONE MCK, GET ONE FREE COLOR & CAMO, MCK 1.0 | Micro Conversion Kit Gen 1 (All Models), MCK 2.0 | Micro Conversion Kit Gen 2 (ALL GLOCKS), Taurus Conversion Kit & Taurus Accessories, Smith and Wesson Conversion Kit & Smith & Wesson Accessories, Springfield Conversion Kit & Springfield Accessories, The Pros and Cons of the Glock G29: A Complete Review. Ruger LC9/LC9s/EC9s Magazine 9mm 7 Round Factory Mag-Value 2 Pack-90642. Once I corrected the issue it worked flawlessly. ProMag magazines are expertly machined for exceptional quality and guaranteed to feed and function for every shot. A comfortable grip plays a vital role in determining your overall happiness with your firearm. Gun enthusiasts and law enforcement personnel have agreed, be it for recreational "plinking," competition shooting or law enforcement, ProMag is the source you can count on. This is the 6th MagGuts I have ordered, and the 3rd for the LC9s. The LC9s Pro is in the middle of the pack in this regard, with a fairly standard 7+1 capacity. John L. I dont know if I go a bad one or what, but The End of the spring that sits in the follower needs to be reworked or reengineered. (verified owner) August 21, 2018. (verified owner) March 16, 2021, William P. This feature makes it easier to take it to the range and shoot it without frequent reloads. Easy to install. However, it comes with: These features set it apart from the LC9, which has a black polymer frame with blued alloy steel on the barrel and slide. Great USA workmanship. (verified owner) June 30, 2018. The Glock 29 is a subcompact-sized gun that offers great performance and accuracy. The EC9s also features wider spaces between serrations than the LC9. Hand crafted from top quality leather to last a lifetime. Instructions were easy to follow. Searched everywhere on internet until I found mag guts. Ruger LC9 7 Round Magazine 2 Pack $68.95 (Save up to 35%) Price $44.92. I would love it if these worked consistently, but since they dont I would like to return them. However, some retailers like Davidsons have access to special finishes. Top Rated Plus. I put around 250 rounds through them and Ill probably take that problem one apart and clean it lube it and try it out with a few hundred more rounds, but right now I cant trust it for my ccw. The slide has simple rear serrations and basic integral sights. (verified owner) February 18, 2022, Easy to install. To get a little more room for medium-sized mitts, the extension baseplate brings the total height to 4.9 . It just pops out but doesnt fully eject. Many other retailers are selling them at a much better price and yet you want to screw over loyal customers. (verified owner) February 20, 2018. Maybe thats why I am buying 2 more. However, you do not have to use this finger grip extension. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Ruger LC9 LC9s EC9s LC380 Hybrid Concealed IWB Gun Holster, Kydex & Leather at the best online prices at eBay! Sep 14, 2013. Stuart A. (verified owner) June 14, 2019. (verified owner) April 14, 2021, Darrel White Took it apart AGAIN and bent the spring some more. While the MSRP is $299 you will find the pistol for sale at much less. (verified owner) October 3, 2018, replacement sent by magguts works oksent old one back, James K. LC9S magazine, added a round as advertised. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. (verified owner) October 3, 2018. works great in my lC9s. Copyright 2023 MagGuts. When shooting the EC9s, remember that Ruger didnt design it for competitive shooting. I will say I have only bought one of these springs but i tested it with a box of 100 rounds with zero issues. Always have a backup magazine with the 2 Pack Ruger EC9/LC9, LC9S 9mm 7-Round Magazine with Extended Floorplate. I ordered 3 sets for my ruger lc9s. Fits my LC9 like a glove. Also, when I chamber the first round, then remove the magazine, the second round falls out behind the magazine. Bought two more had a little difficulty loading them, but if you tap the mag before the last one or two rounds, they fit just fine. While some people dont care for magazine safeties, we understand the inclusion on the EC9s. westlake financial voluntary repo, virginia state police news releases, football clubs in danger of administration 2021,

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