Change). the hate directed towards super junior is not like the hate directed towards twice, exo, or bts: the hate those artists receive is as a foil to their popularity. From all the actual problematic things they once said they picked a non-issue to get mad ? Actually up until a year into the industry I didnt even know what a Super Junior was, I assumed they were just an old boy group that had slowly faded from public eye. Lets meet surely after the. Fans also call it SuJu or SJ. people need to stop doing that. that lady's current issues to get a "reason". Netflix Unveils Line Up of Their Upcoming 2023 K-Content! Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews. We have provided more information on this in our privacy policy. as an adult, i understand that some actions are more excusable than certain actions. The signing event was recently held to commemorate the release of Super Junior-D&E's first full-length album "COUNTDOWN." On this day, Eun-hyuk talked for two minutes per fan. An article focusing on news about various topics coming from Korea for the month of May 2020. This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. :). So really this entire post is just one big reflection on why them fading out of the public eye is really just a blessing. Providing a more global perspective would help you when discussing these posts, especially so that you contextualize the discussions appropriately in the terms they are created in, before zooming out and reviewing them from the American/Western perspective. im just leaving a reply here to let fans know to do proper research, since a good amount of OPs claims have been disproven by the affected parties. Die Antwoord. Edit them in the Widget section of the. A group of girls still tried it the first night. Lastly, Heechul portrayed ASTRO Cha Eun Woo as an aggressive guy by describing him as a manly man (real man) who wouldn't just stand up when he saw someone's bullying. Reactions 34,589 Posts 62,060 . labelling everything as "problematic" doesn't really account for that. Korean Actors We Will Be Missing For The Next 2 Years. i've got in arguments with a lot of these fake woke stans and when i point it out they stop replying me lmao. Strangely, their music has not been transitioning with them. Wellwhat can I say, a big mistake it was. Super Junior. Dont have an account yet? Super Junior member Shindong has drawn major online flak after his supposed commentary on Taemin's music video ' Advice ' went viral. *i can say this because i have been in this situation.kind of. 5) | [King of Kings' Challenge] (Ep. If someone had to lose weight, I would tell that person to lose weight. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. She was messy all her time during SM this is not a single event or them the only group something nasty happened. the members have actually messed up and its great that people call them out for it, because thats how theyll learn but suju hasnt done anything that others havent. Participated in a performance with Boom, who was wearing blackface; Henry. Content embedded from external sources will not be displayed without your consent. most kpop fans are young women. Pinky_Peachy. people are allowed to dislike things for whatever reason they want. Being a first/second gen group is probably why they're considered problematic too. a list of problematic groups/soloists or problematic things they have done. there's a lot of other things, but since they were a long time ago they could get a pass. A decade after their debut as a sub-unit, Super Junior-D&E have finally released their first full Korean album. External Content i don't like them either, i view them as every other group i don't stan: not bad, but not my thing. "At the very least, he wasn't a bad guy to me. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. We heard that Amsterdam had good Indonesian food and decided to give it a go. . more. again, for the record, i don't hate super junior. That's so normal, we're human, Suju is human too. You can adjust your cookie settings, otherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue. The problematic answer came during a conversation with a 14-year-long fan called A. | Super Junior Scandals Exposed Sarang K 6.03K subscribers Subscribe 168 Share 12K views 2 years ago What went WRONG with Super Junior. Archived post. 4. super junior have said/done problematic* things -- this reasoning is last because while its often tauted as the reason for disliking them, this reason is the most flimsy, especially considering who we all stan. "Of course, I can see why he is popular. Moreover, we ended up with what looked not too different from the couple seated next to us. Also Donghae said 'move, fuck' at the airport because fans were in his space. The girl was there with . yes, fatshaming, or image-shaming anyone that you don't like is something i can't stand. - Activation, budgeting & management of branded content, digital media, and paid social campaigns on VICE's channels across EMEA & APAC. so while thinking this, i realized there were some very obvious reasons under the guise of "super junior are bad and that's that" and i listed them below. As I went through the year 2016, I came to think about that my words or behaviors , regardless of my intentions could cause troubles or hurt others feelings. bighit ended up releasing a statement saying they apologized for anyone who was offended and said they didnt purposely use the sample and that it happened because of the producer. The group had 13 members in the beginning, however, it split into subgroups eventually. WimbledonSW19; Jan . my boy yeosang in ravenclaw is everything , during the icy m/v and dance practice yeji had braids (? If an individual makes a queerphobic, trans*phobic, misogynistic, racist, fatphobic, ableist, etc comment about a fictional . this also is not a "these are the reasons why YOU dislike super junior" or "you are a bad person for disliking super junior" thread. [Round 1] Visual Battle Boy Groups: Super Junior, [theqoo] KPOP'S SUPER GROUP SUPERM NOMINATED FOR THE GRAMMYS. We all loved the food and think the flavor profile is similar to Thai food. Although this online community for women doesn't have a good reputation, especially among K-pop fans, internet users think that it doesn't justify Heechul to swear and generalize the members. 60-61, 116, 278, 464, 489-490) | [Special MC] (Ep. Why it's Perfectly Acceptable to Hate Super Junior: A Thread. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Aneka Rasa should reconsider their moneymaking policies before more people find out and give them the thumbs down. My son booked a table for my birthday and we had an excellent meal and the restaurant made a special effort with my dessert. We were served what looked like cat meat in potato water and the satay (peanut sauce) closely resembled gunk. at least among english-speaking ifans on the platforms i enjoy, ELFs aren't entirely present. of one people of society by members of another and typically more dominant people or society, transphobic - having or showing dislike of or prejudice against transgender or transsexual people, homophobic - having or showing dislike of a prejudice against gay people, four days later jhope had braids again for a another micdrop performance, september 26 2019 jhope for his chiken noodle soup remake had gel twits and he also commissioned the album art which used rastafarian colors and what looked to be like locs. however, even as someone who doesn't like super junior, i know this is false. Soju tastes sweet when your life gets bitter, In a parallel world where Super Junior actually are my friends, 'You're in your world and I'm caught in the middle'. it's freaking ridiculous but yeah, if someone don't like them it's ok as long as they aren't hypocrites. bighit ended up releasing a statement saying they apologized for anyone who was offended and said they didnt purposely use the sample and that it happened because of the producer. He was significantly larger. I don't particularly think that Leeteuk is a very. And she is not 14 she was 16 or 17 at the time. and our LMAO, LEETEUK I HEECHUL I YESUNG I SHINDONG I SUNGMIN I EUNHYUK I DONGHAE I SIWON I RYEOWOOK I KYUHYUN. ", translation:Im really close with Eun-woo, he is good looking but he is a manly man. 3. Junior Campaign Manager. when you keep getting over and over in scandal then there might be a reason to hate. of course people hate super junior, we all do. tl;dr a lot of theblas reaction to the hate towards super junior seems morality driven, because the "deserve it". ive seen people calling out suju members for shit their own bias groups said/did, who theyre so quick to forgive but for suju, after literally a decade + members apologies, people still drag them. - Kangin did nothing wrong, i support him (He got kicked out of SuperJunior / was arrested in relation to a bar brawl assault case, followed by indictment for a DUI / also in 2016 he was indicted for a second DUI. i can meet things as they are presented and bring identity politics in later if mentioned. The boys and girls were antagonizing each other with pranks and sneaking into each other's dorms. ", Thirdly, Heechul also spoke against Korea's hostility to Japan and describe it as "b*llshit.". The food was delicious and the service prompt and friendly. Op, you seem pretty young, but it's not the first time that you twist a situation and try to make an inexistent point. Cho Kyu Hyun is a South Korean singer and actor. If Eun-woo talked about bullying? Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands. This is what irks me every time Shindong opens his mouth. She was messy all her time during SM this is not a single event or them the only group something nasty happened. The other member I accidentally liked was Siwon who has publically struggled with his stance on gay marriage. aren. 2. super junior aren't popular -- this ties in a bit to the next point. If you would like to use all features of this site, it is mandatory to enable JavaScript. Map updates are paused. Just so long as you come at less busy hours. i don't even hate them i just try to ignore them as much as possible, but it's true that i don't really like them since they have been so problematic. Among his problematic remarks, what garnered the most attention among K-pop fans were his opinions about former Super Junior Kangin and ASTRO Cha Eunwoo. this framing of super junior is personal to a lot of people in this fandom. This piqued my image and upon googling him I was appalled. because of the way super junior is framed in people's minds, people see things that aren't there when it comes to them. ), jan. 2021 took pictures with a nazi statue, sinb said sowons name in her phone was kitler which is a combination between sowons name and hitler, on a variety show the members were seen mocking african hairstyles by twisting their hair and making noises. , if there are any groups or their actions that I missed please let me know by replying or messaging me, youtube playlist with problematic idols actions, in the process of adding things they have done. men are people too. The things and reason,the members have not true relationship Edited once, last by vivaliberta (Jul 27th 2022). actually curious, which problematic thing did they repeatedly do over and over? !, P1harmony|SHINee|ITZY|ONF|Monsta X|Purple Kiss|KARD|ONEWE|Pentagon|Billlie|NCT Dream|Ghost9|GOT7, theres a lot of problematic stuff suju members have done or said , theres no need to pull out this one when it can easily be explained away by the casting director making that decision. Responsible for incident, problem and escalation process alignment between Ziggo, UPC and Liberty Global, collaboration with external and internal stakeholders, creation and updates of relevant process and project documentation. Suwon is some homophobic trash and leetuk is some crazy weird when it comes to young female idols (yet the industry still lets him work with them?!?). they think its a creepy thing to say that a man has feminine looks. however, when super junior comes back, it's often seen as an affront to every other artist that SM didn't let comeback. i made this powerpoint in 6 hours give or take bc i hate sending long ass tumblr posts with false info so i did my own research some stuff may be a little incorrect but its ok i got most of it because i am boy bossing ityes the music sucks i knowedit + my note:yes, i do still listen to suju, i believe that they have changed as people for the better of it. This is just my take so don't take it too seriously. Y'all funny. Super Junior 10th album ballad masterpiece! super junior is but one example of this, but there are many more. The fact that Shindong can say this on public television and think that, its okay. But there are other problematic stuff, I really don't know anymore which ones are rumors or truth. it's actually scary how, recently, maneuvering the the topic of pedophilia has become almost manipulative. Netflix Korea unveils full line-up of their upcoming original series this 2023! they messed up, big time, the stuff they did was absolutely horrific and bad, but i believe people change. you pay twice the serving price). that they never had to apologize, that they got away with it. Love & P1ece . Thats a far-fetched situation but im just speaking of the worst case scenario here \_()_/, Which is a pretty clear tell of what op thinks about someone being called androgynous ie. Also, another manly man I know is Kangin. , Just when I think I know the extent of this woman's creepiness, I keep learning more wtf, P1Harmony 5th Mini Album 'HARMONY : SET IN' OUT NOW!! You can use them to display text, links, images, HTML, or a combination of these. i wish people would give him a second chance instead of shutting him down. I dont think I need to do much explanation why this is problematic, I mean its kind of obvious. to see you twist things just to fit your narrative just to hate on him for the less problematic things i saw this days, and it's not the first time i see you doing this, grow up -_-, I personally don't think this particular statement was that bad, of course he has made some problematic comments before, but I don't think this is one of those, without mentionning that you're a really sad person, making a thread about something so miniscule and then attacking people who tell you that you're making a big fuss out of nothing, if you can't handle comments about threads you make, you should stay away from doing thread -_-. The only thing that makes sense is number 4. Service was prompt and they were very friendly. SJ Returns: PLAY The Unreleased Video Clips! interesting i so understand that certain members of SJ have gotten into issues before so therefore you don't like them correct? I guess it goes to show you your faves are problematic. they do still bring in money to SM which is why SM invests money (no matter how little) into making them comeback. I know your sacrifices. however, i did want to point out, that in fandoms (kpop and beyond), perception often takes place of reality. While watching the video I was immediately struck by Shindong who did not match the usual physique of a Kpop idol. So now we blaming idols for producers and casting choices. Variety show Alcohol Street Fighter took down and re-uploaded an edited version of their video from YouTube after their MC, Super Junior's Heechul, fell under fire for a joke he had made on air.The issue started with an episode guest-starring boy group WINNER. looking back on it, i still think that adult was being inappropriate to a pubescent minor, i amped things up with the pedophilia claim because i knew it would get attention. this is also not a comment on them as individuals or as a group, but a personal observation on the kpop fandom. A list of my current favourites and must watch Korean variety shows! also, with this comeback i've seen a lot of people apologizing to their mutuals for wanting to like them like? Saying that he does not like fat girls because he likes girls that take care of their bodies. Your browser has JavaScript disabled. Heechul then admitted that Kangin truly f*cked up and that he deserved all the criticism he is getting. No.4 : It's very easy to say controversial things when you have talkative mouths like (almost) Super Junior members do. that's the only reason to continuously bring up "bad behavior" even if it occurred seven years ago. Tbh, Taemin really has that androgynous look. Super Junior is a Korean band formed in 2005 under SM Entertainment. P1Harmony 5th Mini Album 'HARMONY : SET IN' OUT NOW!! If yall want to hate them just do it, dont have involve. I dont know, but considering the current state of affairs in the Korean music industry they might notreally have much of a career left. that's fine, it happens. Maybe he poorly phrased it, or perhaps the translation wasn't the best, as it tends to happen and lead to misunderstandings (I saw no Korean fans getting mad at this). Fans have slammed the SM Entertainment artiste for his remark on gender-neutral clothing of Taemin where Shindong says, 'it's hard to tell if he's a guy or girl.' ADVERTISEMENT The poor guy always cops it. Amsterdam. If someone is comfortable with the way they are and theyre actually happy with their body, then they should just be left alone. The fact that Super Junior isnt getting the respect they deserve as legends makes me so angry. I think it comes down to point 4. i was actually going to mention TVXQ on my point about age, but i figured it would be best to keep group mentions to a minimum. I never realized music had a time limit, i thought i got used to it by now, stanning them since 2009 and all but kpop fans never cease to surprise and piss the hell out of me, just a few days ago GG twitter stan were calling Shindong a pedophile because he covered twice TTbecause LOGIC, you dare call them out and suddenly you are a meninist. What is the consensus on this Super Junior title? young women definitely don't like lecherous old men near their "babies" "daughters" and "faves" on which they've projected themselves. he had braids again the following day, and the following day after that, oct 11 2017 jhope had braids again for another mic drop performance, four days later jhope had braids again for a another mic drop performance, november 18 2017 when asked in an interview if there was anything they could tell their younger selves, what would it be, namjoon said please change your name and please change your hair, january 23 2018 in run episode 37, yoongi made fun of Native American names, also calling Native Americans Indians, may 25 2018 during a press conference namjoon announced theyd be changing the nword lyric in their song to different words so it wouldnt sound like the nword, april 2019 namjoon addressed but non-dune saying in a movie addressing the saying people used when kpop idols do problematic things and he is brought up to say much worse has been done before, september 26 2019 jhope for his chicken noodle soup remake had gel twits and he also commissioned the album art which used rastafarian colors and what looked to be like locs. death notices quincy, il,

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