Kelsey Elisabeth Photography
Calgary Based Lifestlye & Portrait Photographer

Kelsey Elisabeth

I still remember the first time I took a photo with my very own camera, and I haven’t stopped capturing memories since. When I was a child, I loved to look back at photos of my parents and their families when they were young, and in adolescence I had a whole wall of my room covered in photos of my friends laughing.
For me, photography helps me hold onto the most important memories that I don’t ever want to fade away. I hope it can be the same for you. My goal as a photographer is to create images that showcase your personality, relationships, emotions, and ultimately a little piece of your life so that those important moments in your life can live in your memory forever.

I currently live in Calgary, AB, with my husband Chance and our dog Pocket. I can usually be found helping teens find their strengths & leadership abilities at my full-time job, reading a book, making art of some form, or drinking a chai latte in a cozy cafe.

Portrait by Virginia and Evan Studios


In a society saturated with devices and distractions, my hope is that our time together can be an opportunity for you and your loved ones to connect and be present together.
Whether your daily reality looks like exploring a new park (and rolling down the hill!), hanging upside down off the couch and making silly faces, snuggling up together to read a book, or sitting on your kitchen floor where the real talk happens, I believe that those in-between moments and memories deserve to be captured in a way that shows who you really are.

I don’t want to make your life and your people into something they aren’t with stiff poses and prescriptive direction; I want to run through the park with you, jump in the river with you, play the piano with you, and really get to know you. Our time together has no agenda and there is no pressure to be perfect.
Your space isn’t pinterest-worthy? It’s okay, neither is mine.
Your little one has a meltdown? Let’s figure it out together (I have a huge sweet tooth and usually have candy with me if that helps; I promise I’ll share with you, too!)
You’re ready to try something new? Let’s go. 

Let’s create something special together, and let’s make sure we have a great time doing it.